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We all know that marketing your show is as important as making it – but having the time and knowledge to do so can be tricky. But when our founder Dan needed help marketing his podcast, all he could find were celebrity-obsessed PR companies (wanting hefty retainers) or experts who prioritised coaching over doing.

Knowing he couldn’t be the only one in this position, Dan took matters into own hands and created a service to help both indies and brands access professional podcast marketing that was transparent, affordable and effective.

Since then we’ve grown the team and helped clients big and small across the US, UK and Europe. We’re UK-based, 100% independent of the big players and proudly geeky about our work. If you think we can help then we’d love to hear from you!

Team Podspike

Our Campaign Managers

Dan Page

As a podcast producer and former physicist, Dan taps into both the analytical and artistic sides of his brain to find new ways to make podcast marketing more effective and affordable. Dan produces shows for universities, brands and the BBC and loves nothing more than crunching the numbers to find the best-value way to build audiences and grow your show.

Suji Owen

Suji joined the team with a background in design journalism and an evangelical zeal for podcasts. Nothing makes her happier than ‘matchmaking’ friends (and random people she meets) with the perfect new listen. Her own favourite podcasts are typically history, politics or science shows but she has been known to get obsessed by obscure recommendations that come her way!

Holly Hourihan

Holly comes with hands-on experience of radio and digital media. She has used her broadcast experience to deliver events for London 2012, the BBC and big name brands. Her passion is creativity, in whatever form – from supporting small businesses to finding new outlets for her love of art. Holly loves strong coffee, making connections and telling people about her favourite podcasts.

Emily Crosby

Emily began her working life as a film historian and now loves to find and nurture engaged audiences for interesting and exciting podcasts. A combination of a passion for research and production skills makes her well placed to help our clients create ‘stickier’ and more marketable content. In fact, Emily learns so much from the shows she listens to that her own family has banned her from beginning a conversation with ‘I heard this really interesting fact today…’

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