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Features Plus

We pitch your show to distributors, services and publications, and guarantee placement in one high-reach newsletter.

What you get:

– An advert for your show in a popular podcasting newsletter
– Your show submitted for consideration to several distributors, newsletters and service providers who may (or may not) choose to feature your show

How long it will take:

Your newsletter placement will typically occur within 30 days of purchase. Any other benefits could take up to 60 days.

Key points to note:

1. Your newsletter placement will take the form of a paid advert in one of three popular podcast newsletters of our choice
2. We cannot guarantee that your show will be featured by any of the 3rd parties we submit to on your behalf

What we need from you:

a) A high-resolution copy of your podcast cover art (JPEG or PNG)
b) A summary of your show in 200 characters or less (or we can use your show description)
c) The link you’d like any coverage, feature or advert to use (if different from one you may have provided previously)
d) To add or claim your show/create an account on Amazon Music, Pocket Casts and Goodpods


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