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Get a 7-day featured spot on the PodLP app, gaining an estimated 50-150 listens and 10-20 new subscribers.

What you get:

Reach outside the traditional podcast ecosystem and get a 7-day featured spot on the PodLP app, enjoyed by ‘smart feature’ phone users in 170+ countries around the world, including the US and Africa. A summary of impressions, downloads and net subscribers will be provided upon completion.

How long it will take:

Placement will typically occur within 5 days of purchase, with results typically provided within 5 days of the placement completion.

Key points to note:

1. PodLP is an app enjoyed around the globe by audiences using KaiOS powered smart feature phones. Based upon historical data, you could reasonably expect (although we cannot guarantee) 50-150 listens and 10-20 new subscribers over this period. The placement excludes India. PodLP is run by Last Byte LLC, a 1% for the Planet member

2. This service is currently unavailable for podcasts hosted with

What we need from you:

We recommend you ensure your cover art and show description are both up to date before purchasing this service.


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