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Indie Growth Plan

Get 100 new subscribers guaranteed, a boost in downloads and matched with other shows for cross-promotion

What you get:

– 1 x Subscriber Boost (100 subs) – a featured spot on the popular Podcast Guru website and app until you reach 100 new Subscribers. Stats and analysis provided upon completion

– 1 x Extended Play – reach outside the traditional podcast ecosystem and get a 7-day featured spot on the PodLP app, enjoyed by ‘smart feature’ phone users in 170+ countries around the world, including the US and Africa. A summary of impressions, downloads and net subscribers will be provided upon completion.

– We will also provide a list of 10 podcasts we think are a great match for your show, contact details for each podcast and a guide on cross promotion types to consider

How long it will take:

For the Subscriber Boost (100 subs), placement will typically occur within 5 days of purchase and podcast will remain on the Podcast Guru platform until the target number of Subscribers is hit. The maximum period of time on the platform will be 6 months.

For the Extended Play, placement will typically occur within 5 days of purchase, with results typically provided within 5 days of the placement completion.

Matches will typically be provided within 15 working days, although the time taken to implement your matches is down to you and your partner podcasts.

Key points to note:

1. As part of the Subscriber Boost 100, if after 6 months the 100 Subscribers have not been reached, you will be refunded (pro rata) the difference between target and achieved numbers.
2. You will be responsible for pitching to each matched podcast, agreeing the details of any swaps and creating any scripts, adverts or other necessary materials.
3. While we will try and find shows that are great match and may want to swap promos with you, we can’t guarantee that they will want to do so.
4. PodLP is an app enjoyed around the globe by audiences using KaiOS powered smart feature phones. Based upon historical data, you could reasonably expect (although we cannot guarantee) 50-150 listens and 10-20 new subscribers over this period. The placement excludes India. PodLP is run by Last Byte LLC, a 1% for the Planet member.
5. The PodLP service is currently unavailable for podcasts hosted with

What we need from you:

We recommend you ensure your cover art and show description are both up to date before purchasing this service.

For us to deliver the Matchmaker service you need to provide:

a) Your average download numbers per episode
b) The type of swaps you are happy to undertake


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