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We research and build a list of 10 podcasts we think could make perfect cross-promotion partners.

What you get:

– A list of 10 podcasts we think are a great match for your show
– Contact details for each podcast
– A guide on cross promotion types to consider

How long it will take:

We will typically supply your matches within 30 days. The time taken to implement your matches is down to you and your partner podcasts.

Key points to note:

1. To deliver the matches on your behalf we use a range of open-source tools, meaning this service is for those who don’t have the time or desire to find the matches themselves
2. You are responsible for agreeing the details of – and implementing – any promo swaps, including creating any scripts, adverts or other materials necessary

Key points to note:

1. You will be responsible for pitching each podcast, agreeing the details of any swaps and creating any scripts, adverts or other necessary materials.
2. While we will try and find shows that are great match and may want to swap promos with you, we can’t guarantee that they will want to do so.

What we will need from you:

For us to deliver the Matchmaker service you need to provide:

a) Your average download numbers per episode
b) The type of shows you’d love to swap with


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