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We use a range of open-source tools to match you with 3 podcasts keen to undertake cross-promotion.

What you get:

– Three ‘ready to go’ cross-promotion opportunities with podcasts we think are a great match for your show
– A guide on how to use your opportunities for maximum impact

How long it will take:

We will typically supply your matches within 30 days. The time taken to implement your matches is down to you and your partner podcasts.

Key points to note:

1. To deliver the matches on your behalf we use a range of open-source tools, meaning this service is for those who don’t have the time or desire to find the matches themselves
2. You are responsible for agreeing the details of – and implementing – any promo swaps, including creating any scripts, adverts or other materials necessary

What we will need from you:

For us to deliver the Matchmaker service you need to provide:

a) Your average download numbers per episode
b) The type of swaps you are happy to undertake
c) Permission to set up promo swaps on your behalf on platforms/services such as


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