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How to get recommended

Tired of endless Google searches and overblown, impractical advice? Ask the Consultant to get direct answers to your pressing promotional puzzles. Send your query to and include the name of your show so, if your question is chosen, we can give it a plug.

How do I get people to recommend my show?

Take a holistic approach. It’s not enough to simply say during your podcast, ‘hey guys, tell your friends’ or ‘leave a review’. Here are four things you can do today to help…

  1. If getting reviews is important to you – and it should be – make your requests to listeners a key part of your show. Script a section at the start or end of your normal podcast, and be sure to let your listeners know how much it means.

  2. Lay out the practical steps they need to take to leave a review (some may never have done it before) and perhaps incentivise them with promises of a shout out in the next episode.

  3. Make full use of the power of social media and the connections it provides – if you are given a mention on Twitter or Facebook, respond, thank the listener, perhaps engage in a discussion that might attract the attention of more people.

  4. Consider just how recommendable your show is. If listeners think of it as a guilty pleasure because it’s a bit rough around the edges, they might be less willing to recommend it. Make sure to do a little spring cleaning and smarten it up as needed – fixing the sound quality, updating the artwork and rooting out all the typos in the episode descriptions.

    With these tips in mind you should be in a much better place to get your listeners recommending away.
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