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  • A computer mouse

    Make a better first impression with high-impact cover art for your podcast

  • A fountain pen

    Showcase your latest episode with eye-catching graphics and a reusable template - all consistent with your show’s cover art

  • $109

    Get a 7-day featured spot on the PodLP app, gaining you 50-150 listens and 10-20 new subscribers (unavailable for podcasts hosted with

  • An image of a graph with a upward line

    A one-month featured spot on the popular Podcast Guru website and app, gaining you an estimated 10-30 new subscribers

  • $109

    Your show featured on the Pod Bible website and one edition of the Pod Bible newsletter, reaching thousands of podcast fans

  • a finger hovering above a drawing of a star

    A professional copywriter transforms your show and episode descriptions, helping you grab the attention of audiences and get them clicking

  • $149

    Quality time with a PR professional to help you figure out how you can best promote your show to the press

  • $119

    We analyse your current audience and suggest who to target in the future – and how to reach them

  • $119

    A tailor-made list of events and dates perfect for promoting your podcast – plus advice on how to use them

  • $149

    We arrange for a social media influencer to post about your podcast (Comedy/Entertainment podcasts only)

  • $119

    We research and connect you with a perfectly matched podcast willing to swap ads or feed spots with you

  • $129

    We pitch your show to podcast-specific newsletters, websites, apps & social media feeds, guaranteeing a paid placement in at least one

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