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Cover Art Creator

Make a better first impression with high-impact cover art for your podcast.

What you will get

A brand new or (if preferred) refreshed version of your show’s cover art in hi-res JPEG format, fully compliant with Apple Podcast standards.

How long it will take:

We will typically supply design choices within 15 working days and final artwork within 20 working days.

Key points to note:

  1. All cover art will be generated via a customised template, rather than be created from scratch.
  2. You will need to share with us:
    – Your preferred template (from a choice of 14)
    – Your preferred colour scheme
    – Your preferred font / font style
    – Three keywords that sum up the tone of your show
    – Any images you’d like us to use (hi-res JPEG, or PNG format)* or types of image you’d like us to use.
    * You are responsible for ensuring you have suitable clearances/licences that enable any supplied images to be used in a commercial capacity.
  3. Our designer will share 4 artwork variations and ask you to choose one, specifying any minor amends required.
  4. You will receive the final artwork in hi-res JPEG format.

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